Item For Sale Description and Comments

BrickLink automatically generates item descriptions for all items in the catalog. You may add additional comments to the Bricklink descriptions using the Comments box on the Sell Item screen. These comments will appear after the Bricklink description when listing your items.

For custom items or items not listed from the catalog you must provide a complete description for your listing without the Bricklink-added text.

Algorithm Used to Build an Item Description:
The description consists of these attributes:
  • Parts & Gear - [color name][default description][seller's comments]
  • Sets - [set no][default description][seller's comments]
  • Instructions - ["(Original Instructions) for Set "][set no][default description][seller's comments]
  • Original Boxes - ["(Original Box) for Set "][set no][default description][seller's comments]
  • Minifigs, Catalogs & Books - [default description][seller's comments]
  • Unsorted Lots & Items not Selected from Catalog - [seller's comments]
Explanation of Attributes:
  • [set no] - Is the set number.
  • [color] - Always becomes part of description unless you select "Not Applicable".
  • [default description] - every item has a default description in the catalog and it becomes a part of the description.
  • [seller's comments] - you may want to add additional optional comments about the item you're selling.
  • Required for custom items.
  • Limited to 255 characters.