Contacting Other Members:
  1. E-Mail - The buyer and seller should communicate with each other by e-mail. On the Orders Placed and Orders Received pages, click on the e-mail (E-Mail) icon to e-mail your buyer or seller.

  2. My Messages - If your buyer or seller is not responding, it could mean that they are not receiving your e-mails. In that case, use the Contact Form and enter the order ID. Your buyer or seller will receive the messages to their My Messages inbox in addition to e-mail and will be alerted to your message the next time they log in to BrickLink.
Contact Preference:
Upon registration, you have the option to allow others to contact you through the Contact Form which does not reveal your e-mail address to the sender. The message sent through the contact form will be sent to your e-mail address, and the sender's e-mail address will be included in it as the e-mail address to reply to and/or it will be sent to your My Messages Inbox based on your preference. Be advised that if you allow contact, you may receive unsolicited e-mail from other members. An icon on a member's ID Card shows whether or not the member allows contact:
  • - Member can be contacted
  • - Member cannot be contacted

Select whether you would like to give others the option to contact you in My Contact Settings.

Contact Preference Override:
The following are cases where another member can still contact you regardless of your preference:
  • If you are a registered seller then anyone will be able to contact you using the contact button in your store except those members that you have put on your Stop List.
  • Members with whom you have 1 or more orders that have not been purged (orders are purged after 6 months) will still be able to contact you regardless of your preference.
  • Site admins listed on this page (with the exception of links admins and forum moderators) can contact anyone regardless of preference.

Additional Note: You cannot contact a member who has unregistered.