Adding Catalog Items, Changing Pending Items

To modify an item pending approval visit the My Activity Overview page. Click the Pending link in the My Non-Commercial Contributions section and then click the Edit On link. The following fields are editable using numbers found on the Category List:

  • Cat - Changes category for the item. Multiple categories are separated by commas.

  • Cb - Changes co-brands added to the item. Multiple co-brands are separated by commas.

  • Description - Changes the title of the catalog entry.

  • Dim - Changes dimensions of the item.

  • Instr - Changes number of instructions booklets. Enter 0 if there are no instructions booklets.

  • Item No. - Changes the item number of the catalog entry.

  • Lang - Changes the language tag for the catalog entry. Multiple languages are separated by commas.

  • Wg - Changes weight of the item.

  • Year - Changes the year of release for the item.

To completely remove a pending item click the Delete checkbox and then click the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page.