Co-Branded Items

Co-branded items are items that have another brand name, logo, or trade dress on the box, in the set contents, or in the set name. A co-brand category is created for each brand. If the item box, set contents, or set name do not show another brand, then the item is generally not considered co-branded even if only available for sale at a specific location. This includes wholesale exclusives available only at a specific retail chain.

All item types can be tagged as co-branded except the item type Parts. For these, only items in the Brick, Promotional and Duplo, Brick Promotional categories can be tagged as co-branded.

Licensed product lines such as Star Wars or Indiana Jones that already have their own category are not tagged as co-branded. There may be exceptions to this if there is a licensed line and the brand also appears in other sets that are not part of that line (Ferrari, for example). In such cases a co-brand category is created and all sets containing parts with that brand are tagged.

Octan is not a genuine co-brand, but is retained as a lone exclusion to the rule that co-brands must represent an actual company.

You may view the complete list of co-brands and licensed lines by visiting the Co-Branded Items page. For a list of abbreviated co-brands see the Tables page.