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 Neutral  keerakh (34)  Oct 13, 2017  8394245  Seller Reply 
 Mostly good, but missing 1 yellow 6538c piece and 1 broken 20252
 Neutral  Mornil314 (148)  Jul 8, 2017  8038691  Seller Reply 
 minor damage to two of the pieces
 Reply: you bought is as used, so 1-2 of 300+ parts may be not perfect as others
 Neutral  consupreme03 (2)  Jul 7, 2017  8040782  Seller Reply 
 One of my parts got squashed
 Reply: you bought is as used, so 1-2 of 300+ parts may be not perfect as others
 Neutral  GLaDOS (15)  Apr 8, 2017  7744076  Seller Reply 
 Fast shipping but some parts have wrong color.
 Neutral  asteriska (14)  Mar 21, 2017  7645991  Seller Reply 
 Item is in very used condition. MF's hat has lost 50% of pattern.
 Reply: as stated. If you want new condition - buy new items, not used.
 Neutral  fester123 (40)  Mar 18, 2017  7607227  Seller Reply 
 Всё получил, но много путаницы из-за отсутствия многих позиций и их количества.
 Neutral  Hotord (10)  Feb 9, 2017  7347581  Seller Reply 
 Some parts were used while indicated as new. But everything else is ok.
 Neutral  BLUSER_776382 (16)  Jan 2, 2017  7361321  Seller Reply 
 Could you please process my order so I can pay for it?
 Neutral  victor2330 (4)  Jan 2, 2017  7342838  Seller Reply 
 Order Cancelled, but good service and honest for the order, thank you !
 Neutral  BLUSER_812849 (0)  Dec 20, 2016  7195145  Seller Reply 
 arnaque sur la livraison. poids rajouter...
 Neutral  Ladios (52)  Oct 12, 2016  6558810  Seller Reply 
 One fig was out of stock. Only refund after parcel arrived. Wrong parts in set.
 Neutral  StraboFirst (62)  Sep 28, 2016  6921630  Seller Reply 
 Не в восторге от времени формирования заказа, от его комплекции. :-(
 Neutral  Benyoyo (13)  Sep 17, 2016  6912482  Seller Reply 
 new sets ok. but packaging too light to prevent box crashed during transport.
 Neutral  mgl0 (348)  Sep 6, 2016  6845943  Seller Reply 
 I told to the seller about shelf weare. No reaction. I will not buy again...
 Neutral  BLUSER_630204 (18)  Jun 20, 2016  6229257  Seller Reply 
 Order cancelled and havent haard anything since
 Neutral  BLUSER_683115 (0)  Apr 30, 2016  6221130  Seller Reply 
 Cheep shipping and good service
 Neutral  Fauch (26)  Apr 5, 2016  6300425  Seller Reply 
 needs a better organization.
 Neutral  EoLiC123 (88)  Mar 30, 2016  6181331  Seller Reply 
 You must put on splash that doesn´t take additional customs charges/other fees.
 Neutral  BLUSER_310918 (4)  Mar 28, 2016  6334330  Seller Reply 
 Shipment is slow. It was worry.
 Neutral  Ausmartin09 (324)  Mar 16, 2016  5863786  Seller Reply 
 Partly satisfied, hope next time we can have a more smooth trade
 Neutral  mrchaos (91)  Mar 2, 2016  6166657  Seller Reply 
 Good parts for a nice price, but some items out of stock and took long to ship..
 Neutral  Yanhan (12)  Feb 22, 2016  6110462  Seller Reply 
 good value and low prices. do check with seller for box condition though.
 Neutral  taz_79 (84)  Feb 17, 2016  5945305  Seller Reply 
 a lot of missing and wrong parts...
 Neutral  Kensktsang (173)  Dec 23, 2015  5940758  Seller Reply 
 Good saler!!! Didn't describe the item clearly, still receive...ok
 Neutral  Funkeemonkee (35)  Oct 24, 2015  5769189  Seller Reply 
 Wasted my time but got refund. Dont list items that is not in stock.
 Neutral  konsulten (404)  Oct 1, 2015  5670115  Seller Reply 
 Good stuff, but a very, very slow delivery
 Neutral  BLUSER_591641 (4)  Sep 17, 2015  5650177  Seller Reply 
 76022 describes the confusion was too low to buy
 Neutral  seokchul (68)  Jun 29, 2015  5413653  Seller Reply 
 It was NOT new.

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