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Gear BionicleCD01 BIONICLE Promotional Nestle CD-ROM: Illuminatus (147)
    Pending ApprovalChange Item Name from {BIONICLE Promotional Nestle CD-ROM} to {Bionicle Promotional Nesquik CD-ROM French Sleeve}
    Pending ApprovalChange Item No from {BionicleCD01} to {nesquikcdsleeve}
Note: This item is simply a regional (French) sleeve for either "nesquikcd01" or "nesquikcd02" (distributed at random with Nestle cereals); this is not a separate CD-ROM.
Gear BionicleCD01 BIONICLE Promotional Nestle CD-ROM: Nicolasamico37 (896)
    CompletedChanged Category from {Media Audio & Video: Technic: Bionicle} to {Video Game: Bionicle}