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ImageItem No.Description
 4066pb365 Duplo, Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Prince of Persia Pattern
Catalog: PartsDuplo, Brick, Promotional
 973pb0693c01 (InvTorso Castle Kingdoms Lion Head Quarters with Belt Front and Back Pattern / Light Bluish Gray Arms / Yellow Hands
Catalog: PartsMinifigure, Torso Assembly, Decor.
 cas459 (InvKingdoms - Lion Knight Breastplate with Lion Head and Belt, Helmet with Fixed Grille, Cape
Catalog: MinifigsCastleKingdoms
 cas460 (InvKingdoms - Lion Knight Scale Mail with Chest Strap and Belt, Helmet with Neck Protector, Open Grin
Catalog: MinifigsCastleKingdoms
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