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ImageItem No.Description
 44510pb04 Baseplate, Raised 32 x 48 x 6 with Front and Back Steps and Green Garden Pattern
Catalog: PartsBaseplate, Raised
 4839 Duplo Furniture Chair with 1 Stud
Catalog: PartsDuplo, Furniture
 42104cx02 Duplo Sound Effects Brick with Lime Base and Dora The Explorer Sounds
Catalog: PartsDuplo
 4904 Duplo Utensil Teapot / Coffeepot, Round Base
Catalog: PartsDuplo, Figure Wear & Utensil
 4066pb016 Duplo, Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Pot and Vine Pattern
Catalog: PartsDuplo, Brick, Decorated
 4066pb214 Duplo, Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Wild Woods Golf Pattern
Catalog: PartsDuplo, Brick, Promotional
 6940 Scala Bed 24 x 8
Catalog: PartsScala
 6939 Scala Bed Headboard
Catalog: PartsScala
 6941 Scala Bed Support 2 x 8 x 1 2/3
Catalog: PartsScala
 6890pb04c04 Scala Wall, Vertical Grooved 40 x 2 x 22 2/3 with Door, with Orange Wallpaper Pattern
Catalog: PartsScala
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