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ImageItem No.Description
Set No: 4277538  Name: Racers Stunts Expansion Pack 4277538-1 Racers Stunts Expansion Pack
Catalog: SetsRacersSupplemental
Set No: 65468  Name: Toa Metru Twin Pack with Kanoka and Poster 65468-1 (InvToa Metru Twin Pack with Kanoka and Poster
3 Sets, 2004
Catalog: SetsBionicleToa Metru
Book No: AB062010NL  Name: City - Brandweer - Activity Book AB062010NL (InvCity - Brandweer - Activity Book
Catalog: BooksActivity BookTownCityFire
Gear No: p06exo2  Name: Exo-Force Poster, Sentai Fortress p06exo2 Exo-Force Poster, Sentai Fortress
Catalog: GearPosterExo-Force
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