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ImageItem No.Description
 2335px21 Flag 2 x 2 Square with Skull and Cutlass Pattern
Catalog: PartsFlag, Decorated
 47991 Rock Skull 4 x 10 x 10 Panel
Catalog: PartsRock
 60135stk01 Sticker Sheet for Set 60135 - (28962/6170610)
Catalog: PartsSticker Sheet
 7236.1stk01 Sticker Sheet for Set 7236-1 - (52814/4261995)
Catalog: PartsSticker Sheet
 7245.1stk01 Sticker Sheet for Set 7245-1 - (52800/4261757)
Catalog: PartsSticker Sheet
 973px431 Torso Police Jacket with Pocket, Gold Badge and Blue Tie Pattern
Catalog: PartsMinifigure, Torso
 973px432 Torso Town Prisoner Number 50380, Dark Bluish Gray Stripes, Buttons, Hairy Chest Pattern
X Catalog: PartsMinifigure, Torso
 sw0152 (InvObi-Wan Kenobi - Light Nougat, Dark Orange Hair and Legs, Gold Headset
Catalog: MinifigsStar WarsStar Wars Episode 3
 cty0008 (InvPolice - City Suit with Blue Tie and Badge, Black Legs, Scowl, White Hat
Catalog: MinifigsTownCityPolice
 cty0007 (InvPolice - Jail Prisoner 50380 Prison Stripes, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Black Knit Cap, Gold Tooth
Catalog: MinifigsTownCityPolice