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ImageItem No.Description
 1002 2 Seater Playtable
Catalog: GearHuman FurnitureEducational & Dacta
 bc80lbc Birthday Card - Exclusive for Lego Builders Club - 1980 (Legoland Billund)
Catalog: GearCard, Greeting CardLegoland ParksWesternIndians
 bc80ukbc Birthday Card - Exclusive for UK Lego Builders Club - 1980
Catalog: GearCard, Greeting Card
 cc80ukbc Christmas Card - 1980 (Exclusive for UK Lego Builders Club)
Catalog: GearCard, Greeting CardHoliday & EventChristmas
 KCF66 Cow Key Chain - Straight Metal Chain, black LEGO logo on back
Catalog: GearKey ChainFabuland
 displaysign017 Display Sign LEGO Logo, Hanging Hinge, Double-Sided
Catalog: GearRetail Display
 99748 Fabuland Puzzle, Promotional
Catalog: GearPuzzleFabuland
 KC014 Fireman with Black Helmet Key Chain
Catalog: GearKey ChainTownClassic TownFire
 KC014a Fireman with Black Helmet Key Chain (attached to right leg)
Catalog: GearKey ChainTownClassic TownFire
 KC094b Lego Logo Both Sides on 5 x 5 Clear Plastic - Square Key Chain (Hole above main area of plastic square)
Catalog: GearKey Chain
 KCP02 Minifigure Falck Female Key Chain
Catalog: GearKey Chain(Other)
 KCP01 Minifigure Falck Male Key Chain
Catalog: GearKey Chain(Other)
 KCP03 Minifigure WWF Promotional Key Chain
Catalog: GearKey Chain(Other)
 pa3 Patch, Iron-On from Lego Club UK
Catalog: GearPatch & Pin
 patch19 Patch, Sew-on Cloth Rectangle, Legoland Ambassador with Drum
Catalog: GearPatch & PinLegoland Parks
 patch17 Patch, Sew-On Cloth Square, I'm a LEGO Builder
Catalog: GearPatch & Pin
 70049 Plastic Folder for Building Instructions
Catalog: GearStorage
 pcLB090 Postcard - Legoland Parks, Legoland Billund - Legoredo with Mount Rushmore Model 2
Catalog: GearCard, PostcardLegoland Parks
 pcLB219 Postcard - Legoland Parks, Legoland Billund - Miniboats
Catalog: GearCard, PostcardLegoland Parks
 Gstk224 Sticker Sheet, Fabuland - Sheet of 8
Catalog: GearSticker SheetFabuland
 TLC80uk Sticker Sheet, The Lego Club 1980
Catalog: GearSticker Sheet
 TS86 T-Shirt, Classic, 'I've got it made!' (T-2)
Catalog: GearHuman Body Wear
 TS85 T-Shirt, Duplo, 'I'VE GOT IT TOGETHER' (T-1)
Catalog: GearHuman Body Wear
 TS87 T-Shirt, Technic, 'GET IT IN GEAR' (T-3/T Shirt #3)
Catalog: GearHuman Body Wear