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ImageItem No.Description
 6114-1 (InvCreator 200 + 40 Special Elements
242 Parts, 2006
Catalog: SetsCreatorSupplemental
 7795-1 (InvDeluxe Starter Set
1092 Parts, 3 Minifigs, 2006
Catalog: SetsCreatorBasic Set
 4103-2 (InvFun with Bricks (4293364) - with Minifigure
200 Parts, 1 Minifig, 2006
Catalog: SetsCreatorBasic Set
 5475-1 (InvGirls Fantasy Bucket
192 Parts, 2006
Catalog: SetsCreatorBasic Set
 7899-1 (InvPolice Boat
185 Parts, 3 Minifigs, 2006
Catalog: SetsTownCityPolice
 48064c02 (InvElectric, Motor with Boat Propeller and Rudder 19 x 4 x 4, 2-Blade Propeller
Catalog: PartsElectric, Motor
 pln109 (InvPlain Blue Torso with White Arms, Red Legs, Red Cap, Red Hair
Catalog: MinifigsTown
 cty0027 (InvPolice - City Leather Jacket with Gold Badge, White Helmet, Trans-Black Visor, Silver Sunglasses
Catalog: MinifigsTownCityPolice
 cty0025 (InvPolice - City Suit with Blue Tie and Badge, Black Legs, White Hat, Life Jacket
Catalog: MinifigsTownCityPolice
 par059 (InvSurfboard on Ocean, Blue Legs, Black Hips, Blue Cap
Catalog: MinifigsTown
 twn064 (InvYellow Flowers - Reddish Brown Ponytail Hair, Green Legs
Catalog: MinifigsTown