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ImageItem No.Description
Instruction No: 6136  Name: My First Zoo (re-release) 6136-2 (Instructions) for My First Zoo (re-release)
Catalog: InstructionsDuploDuplo, TownZoo
Instruction No: 10241  Name: Maersk Line Triple-E 10241-1 (Instructions) for Maersk Line Triple-E
Catalog: InstructionsSculptures
Instruction No: 10242  Name: MINI Cooper 10242-1 (Instructions) for MINI Cooper
Catalog: InstructionsCreatorModelTraffic
Instruction No: 10243  Name: Parisian Restaurant 10243-1 (Instructions) for Parisian Restaurant
Catalog: InstructionsModular Buildings
Instruction No: 10244  Name: Fairground Mixer 10244-1 (Instructions) for Fairground Mixer
Catalog: InstructionsCreatorModel
Instruction No: 10245  Name: Santa's Workshop 10245-1 (Instructions) for Santa's Workshop
Catalog: InstructionsHoliday & EventChristmas
Instruction No: 10524  Name: Farm Tractor 10524-1 (Instructions) for Farm Tractor
Catalog: InstructionsDuploDuplo, TownFarm
Instruction No: 10525  Name: Big Farm 10525-1 (Instructions) for Big Farm
Catalog: InstructionsDuploDuplo, TownFarm
Instruction No: 10526  Name: Peter Pan's Visit 10526-1 (Instructions) for Peter Pan's Visit
Catalog: InstructionsDuploJake and the Never Land Pirates
Instruction No: 10528  Name: School Bus 10528-1 (Instructions) for School Bus
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10532  Name: My First Police Set 10532-1 (Instructions) for My First Police Set
Catalog: InstructionsDuploDuplo, TownPolice
Instruction No: 10538  Name: Fire and Rescue Team 10538-1 (Instructions) for Fire and Rescue Team
Catalog: InstructionsDuploDisney's Planes
Instruction No: 10539  Name: Beach Racing 10539-1 (Instructions) for Beach Racing
Catalog: InstructionsDuploJake and the Never Land Pirates
Instruction No: 10542  Name: Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale 10542-1 (Instructions) for Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale
Catalog: InstructionsDuploDisney Princess
Instruction No: 10544  Name: The Joker Challenge 10544-1 (Instructions) for The Joker Challenge
Catalog: InstructionsDuploBatman II
Instruction No: 10545  Name: Batcave Adventure 10545-1 (Instructions) for Batcave Adventure
Catalog: InstructionsDuploBatman II
Instruction No: 10546  Name: My First Shop 10546-1 (Instructions) for My First Shop
Catalog: InstructionsDuploDuplo, Town
Instruction No: 10565  Name: Creative Suitcase 10565-1 (Instructions) for Creative Suitcase
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10566  Name: Creative Picnic 10566-1 (Instructions) for Creative Picnic
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10567  Name: Toddler Build and Boat Fun 10567-1 (Instructions) for Toddler Build and Boat Fun
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10569  Name: Treasure Attack 10569-1 (Instructions) for Treasure Attack
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10570  Name: All-in-One-Gift-Set 10570-1 (Instructions) for All-in-One-Gift-Set
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10571  Name: All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun 10571-1 (Instructions) for All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10573  Name: Creative Animals 10573-1 (Instructions) for Creative Animals
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10574  Name: Creative Ice Cream 10574-1 (Instructions) for Creative Ice Cream
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10577  Name: Big Royal Castle 10577-1 (Instructions) for Big Royal Castle
Catalog: InstructionsDuploCastle
Instruction No: 10580  Name: Deluxe Box of fun 10580-1 (Instructions) for Deluxe Box of fun
Catalog: InstructionsDuplo
Instruction No: 10659  Name: Vehicle Suitcase - Red 10659-2 (Instructions) for Vehicle Suitcase - Red
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsGas Station
Instruction No: 10665  Name: Spider-Man: Spider-Car Pursuit 10665-1 (Instructions) for Spider-Man: Spider-Car Pursuit
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsUltimate Spider-Man
Instruction No: 10666  Name: Digger 10666-1 (Instructions) for Digger
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsConstruction
Instruction No: 10667  Name: Construction 10667-1 (Instructions) for Construction
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsConstruction
Instruction No: 10668  Name: The Princess Play Castle 10668-1 (Instructions) for The Princess Play Castle
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsCastle
Instruction No: 10669  Name: Turtle Lair 10669-1 (Instructions) for Turtle Lair
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Instruction No: 10671  Name: Fire Emergency 10671-1 (Instructions) for Fire Emergency
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsFire
Instruction No: 10672  Name: Batman: Defend the Batcave 10672-1 (Instructions) for Batman: Defend the Batcave
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsBatman II
Instruction No: 10673  Name: Race Car Rally 10673-1 (Instructions) for Race Car Rally
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsRace
Instruction No: 10674  Name: Pony Farm 10674-1 (Instructions) for Pony Farm
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsRecreation
Instruction No: 10675  Name: Police – The Big Escape 10675-1 (Instructions) for Police – The Big Escape
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsPolice
Instruction No: 10676  Name: Knights' Castle 10676-1 (Instructions) for Knights' Castle
Catalog: InstructionsJuniorsCastle
Instruction No: 10681  Name: Creative Building Cube 10681-1 (Instructions) for Creative Building Cube
Catalog: InstructionsCreatorBasic Set
Instruction No: 21020  Name: Trevi Fountain 21020-1 (Instructions) for Trevi Fountain
Catalog: InstructionsArchitecture
Instruction No: 21021  Name: Marina Bay Sands 21021-1 (Instructions) for Marina Bay Sands
Catalog: InstructionsArchitecture
Instruction No: 21104  Name: NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover 21104-1 (Instructions) for NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover
Catalog: InstructionsLEGO Ideas (CUUSOO)
Instruction No: 21107  Name: Minecraft Micro World - The End 21107-1 (Instructions) for Minecraft Micro World - The End
Catalog: InstructionsMinecraft
Instruction No: 21108  Name: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108-1 (Instructions) for Ghostbusters Ecto-1
Catalog: InstructionsLEGO Ideas (CUUSOO)Ghostbusters
Instruction No: 21109  Name: EXO SUIT 21109-1 (Instructions) for EXO SUIT
Catalog: InstructionsLEGO Ideas (CUUSOO)
Instruction No: 21110  Name: Research Institute 21110-1 (Instructions) for Research Institute
Catalog: InstructionsLEGO Ideas (CUUSOO)
Instruction No: 21113  Name: The Cave 21113-1 (Instructions) for The Cave
Catalog: InstructionsMinecraft
Instruction No: 21114  Name: The Farm 21114-1 (Instructions) for The Farm
Catalog: InstructionsMinecraft
Instruction No: 21115  Name: First Night 21115-1 (Instructions) for First Night
Catalog: InstructionsMinecraft
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