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Dacta Pneumatic Set (Undetermined Version)

Set No: 9604  Name: Dacta Pneumatic Set (Undetermined Version)

This Set Consists of the following Items:

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Regular Items:
Gear No: 71084  Name: Dacta Storage Bin Lid (Fits with bin04)
 1  71084Trans-Clear Dacta Storage Bin Lid (Fits with bin04)
Catalog: GearStorageEducational & Dacta
Gear No: bin04  Name: Dacta Storage Bin Extra Small
 1  bin04Yellow Dacta Storage Bin Extra Small
Catalog: GearStorageEducational & Dacta



Missing 1 part Hose, Pneumatic 4mm D. 2.0cm in light gray as an alternate part with Match ID 1. Also missing 2 of the same kind of pneumatic hose in black which are 18cm long as alternate parts with Match ID 2. Neither of the missing parts are in the catalog.


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Regular Items:
 Gear  2  2 

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Admin inventoried this Set on Sep 27, 2007

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