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Minifigure, Series 17 (Complete Series of 16 Complete Minifigure Sets)

Set No: 71018  Name: Minifigure, Series 17 (Complete Series of 16 Complete Minifigure Sets)

This Set Consists of the following Items:

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 Image   Qty   Item No  Description   MID 
Regular Items:
Yes 1  87994Black Bar 3L (Bar Arrow)
Yes 2  970c00 (Inv)Black Hips and Legs
Yes 1  970c00pb0671Black Hips and Legs with Silver Button, Light Bluish Gray Long Coattail Outlines and Dark Brown Boots Pattern
Yes 1  970c00pb0673Black Hips and Legs with Tapered Edge of White Chef Shirt Pattern
Yes 1  15619Black Minifigure, Bandana Ninja
Yes 1  15439Black Minifigure, Beard, Moustache
Yes 1  bb0782Black Minifigure, Cape Cloth, Front Collars - Traditional Starched Fabric
Yes 1  23186Black Minifigure, Hair Swept Left Tousled
Yes 1  90386Black Minifigure, Headgear Beret
Yes 1  2544Black Minifigure, Headgear Hat, Pirate Tricorne / Triangle
Yes 1  32765pb01Black Minifigure, Utensil Barbell with White '100' Pattern
Yes 16  88646Black Tile, Modified 3 x 4 with 4 Studs in Center
Yes 1  973pb2697c01 (Inv)Black Torso Bare Shoulder Top with Spiky Colors over Magenta Leotard Pattern / Yellow Arms with Wristbands and Black Left Short Sleeve / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  973pb2704c01 (Inv)Black Torso Coat with White Ruffle over Dark Bluish Gray Vest, Silver Buttons Pattern / Black Arms with Silver Buttons Pattern / Dark Brown Hands
Yes 1  973pb2694c01 (Inv)Black Torso Wetsuit with Red Front Panel with Wave Logo Pattern / Black Arms with Red Shoulder and Stripes Pattern / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  29575pb01Bright Green Minifigure, Headgear Head Cover, Costume Corn Cob Suit with Yellow Corn Kernels Pattern
Yes 1  3678bpb098Bright Light Blue Slope 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Bottom Tube with Layered Dress, Ornate Light Blue Trim, Lavender Middle Panel with Silver Trim Pattern
Yes 1  973pb2709c01 (Inv)Bright Light Blue Torso Dress with Yellow Neck, Lavender Shoulders and Shiny Trim Pattern / Yellow Arms with Flat Silver Short Sleeves with Flower Pattern / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  973pb2698c01 (Inv)Bright Light Blue Torso Tank Top with Butterfly Pattern / Yellow Arms / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  970c03pb32Bright Light Orange Hips and Yellow Legs with Bright Light Orange Leotard with Leopard Spots and Black Boots Pattern
Yes 1  522cBright Light Orange Minifigure, Cape Cloth, Standard - Shiny Starched Fabric - Height 3.9 cm
Yes 1  15427pb03Bright Light Yellow Minifigure, Hair Female Ponytail Off-center with 2 Magenta Flowers Pattern
Yes 1  41879pb008Bright Pink Legs Short with Magenta Shoes Open Toe Pattern
Yes 1  29635Dark Blue Minifigure, Utensil Serving Tray, Rectangle
Yes 1  41879Dark Bluish Gray Legs Short
Yes 1  21778Dark Brown Minifigure, Hair Male with Coiled Texture
Yes 1  29634Dark Orange Minifigure, Hair Female Very Curly, Parted in Middle
Yes 1  3742c01 (Inv)Dark Pink Plant Flower Small, 4 on Sprue
Yes 1  33078Dark Red Hot Dog / Sausage
Yes 1  41879pb009Dark Red Legs Short with Horizontal Dark Orange Stripes Pattern
Yes 1  970c03pb31Dark Tan Hips and Yellow Legs with Reddish Brown Belt and Boots and Dark Tan Loincloth Pattern
Yes 1  970c00 (Inv)Green Hips and Legs
Yes 1  973c20 (Inv)Green Torso Plain / Green Arms / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  970c00pb0668Light Aqua Hips and Legs with Veterinarian ID Badge Pattern
Yes 1  973pb2695c01 (Inv)Light Aqua Torso Female Hospital Scrubs with Medium Blue Stethoscope Pattern / Yellow Arms with Light Aqua Short Sleeves Pattern / Medium Blue Hands
Yes 1  970c48pb01Light Bluish Gray Hips and Sand Green Legs with Retro Space Belt and Dark Bluish Gray Boots with Three Orange Stripes Pattern
Yes 1  31893pb01Light Bluish Gray Minifigure, Headgear Helmet Space Retro with Open Front and Bright Light Orange Earpieces and Crest Pattern
Yes 1  3846pb43Light Bluish Gray Minifigure, Shield Triangular with Gold Flower on Blue Background with Gold Border Pattern
Yes 1  19220Light Bluish Gray Minifigure, Utensil Radio with Detailed Grille
Yes 1  29636Light Bluish Gray Minifigure, Utensil Whisk
Yes 1  29601Light Bluish Gray Minifigure, Weapon Space Ray Gun - Fin, Round Heat Diffusers, Round Emitter
Yes 1  54200pb083Light Bluish Gray Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3 with Dark Bluish Gray Telephone Keypad Pattern
Yes 1  3070bpb118Light Bluish Gray Tile 1 x 1 with Groove with Telephone Speaker Pattern
Yes 1  973p90new2c08 (Inv)Light Bluish Gray Torso Space Classic Moon Logo High on Torso Pattern, Inside with Ribs (second reissue) / Light Bluish Gray Arms / Dark Bluish Gray Hands
Yes 1  99249Lime Plant Flower Stem with Bar
Yes 1  970c01pb43Magenta Hips and White Legs with Magenta Leotard, Back Zebra Stripes and Medium Azure Boots Pattern
Yes 1  90397pb007Medium Blue Minifigure, Utensil Surfboard Standard with White Shark with Black Eyes, Gills and Open Mouth with Teeth Pattern
Yes 1  4342Medium Nougat Bread
Yes 1  29633Medium Nougat Minifigure, Hair Female, Mid-Length Straight, Parted in Middle, Longer in Front than Back
Yes 1  93568pb003Medium Nougat Pie with White Cream Filling and Six Red Strawberries with Green Leaves Pattern
Yes 1  29639pb01Nougat Minifigure, Hair Female Long with Parted Bangs, Partly Braided in Back with Yellow Elf Ears and Silver Flower Pattern
Yes 1  75904pb01Pearl Dark Gray Minifigure, Utensil Tool Sledgehammer (Mjolnir) with 4 Copper Rivets and Razorback on Both Sides Pattern
Yes 1  53705Pearl Dark Gray Minifigure, Weapon Axe Head, Clip-on
Yes 2  2562Pearl Dark Gray Minifigure, Weapon Gun, Pirate Flintlock Pistol
Yes 1  98370Pearl Gold Minifigure, Weapon Sword, Greatsword Pointed with Thin Crossguard
Yes 1  92289Pearl Gold Minifigure, Weapon Trident
Yes 1  15501Red Minifigure, Beard, Short
Yes 1  93563Red Minifigure, Hair Mohawk
Yes 1  29580pb01Red Minifigure, Headgear Head Cover, Costume Rocket with Gray Plating and Silver Rivets Pattern
Yes 1  973pb2696c01 (Inv)Red Torso Checkered Apron and White Bow Tie, Bright Light Orange Smile Button Pattern / Yellow Arms with Red Short Sleeves Pattern / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  973pb2703c01 (Inv)Sand Green Torso Shoulder Armor with Rivets and Orange Lightning Pattern / DBG Arms with Sand Green Short Sleeves, Atom and Orange Stripes Pattern / DBG Hands
Yes 1  29602pb01Tan Dog, French Bulldog with Black Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Whiskers and White Spot on Forehead Pattern
Yes 1  970c00pb0669Tan Hips and Legs with Red and White Checkered Apron Pattern
Yes 1  25386Tan Hot Dog Bun
Yes 1  92746Tan Minifigure, Hair Tousled and Layered
Yes 1  29590pb01Trans-Dark Pink Minifigure, Wings Butterfly with Magenta and Blue Pattern
Yes 1  3062bpb053Trans-Light Blue Brick, Round 1 x 1 Open Stud with Magenta 'H2O' and Circle with Lime and White Checkerboard Pattern
Yes 1  30374White Bar 4L (Lightsaber Blade / Wand)
Yes 1  29685pb01White Bunny / Rabbit with Black Eyes and Mouth and Bright Pink Nose Pattern
Yes 1  2335pb167White Flag 2 x 2 Square with Drawn Classic Space Logo and 5 Bright Light Orange Stars on Blue Background Pattern
Yes 1  970c00pb0670White Hips and Legs with Black Coattail Outlines Pattern
Yes 1  31895pb01White Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hat with Hair, Cook's (Toque) with Reddish Brown Hair in Bun Pattern
Yes 1  98381pb01White Minifigure, Headgear Cap, Butcher / Food Service with Red Stripe All Around Pattern
Yes 1  20398c01White Minifigure, Utensil Cup, Dome Lid Cup and Straw with Trans-Clear Lid
Yes 1  20482White Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Bar and Pin Holder
Yes 1  973pb2699c01 (Inv)White Torso Black Thin Stripes, Red Scarf Front and Back Pattern / White Arms with Black Thin Stripes Pattern / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  973pb2708c01 (Inv)White Torso Female Chef with 6 Black Buttons and Yellow Neck Pattern / White Arms with Black Cuffs and Buttons Pattern / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  973pb2702c01 (Inv)White Torso Sport Jacket over Dark Pink Polo Shirt Pattern / Yellow Arms with Rolled Up Sleeves Pattern / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  3626cpb1824Yellow Minifigure, Head Black Eyebrows and Muttonchops, Dark Tan Around Eyes, Gruff Expression Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1819Yellow Minifigure, Head Black Eyebrows, Right Raised Eyebrow, Black Thin Curly Moustache Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1820Yellow Minifigure, Head Black Thick Eyebrows and Stubble, Dark Tan Cheek Lines Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1828Yellow Minifigure, Head Black Thick Eyebrows, Reddish Brown Crow's Feet and Cheek Lines Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1822Yellow Minifigure, Head Black Wide Eyebrows, Wide Grin Showing Teeth, Dark Tan Dimple and Chin Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1813Yellow Minifigure, Head Brown Eyebrows and Large Moustache Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1815Yellow Minifigure, Head Dark Orange Eyebrows and Freckles, Wide Grin with Teeth Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1818Yellow Minifigure, Head Dark Orange Eyebrows and Spot under Left Eye, Lopsided Open Grin Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1812Yellow Minifigure, Head Dark Tan Eyebrows and Stubble, Black Eyes, Crooked Grin Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1829Yellow Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female with Black Eyebrows, Medium Nougat Lips and Dimples, Neutral / Open Mouth Smile Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1814Yellow Minifigure, Head Female with Brown Eyebrows, Black Eyes and Eyelashes, Bright Pink Lips Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1816Yellow Minifigure, Head Female with Dark Azure Headband, White Sweat Drops, Open Smile with Magenta Lips Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1817Yellow Minifigure, Head Female with Dark Tan Eyebrows, Black Eyes and Eyelashes, Lopsided Grin, Bright Light Blue Flower on Cheek Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1830Yellow Minifigure, Head Female with Medium Nougat Eyebrows, Cheek Lines and Lips Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1823Yellow Minifigure, Head Glasses, Orange and Copper Sunglasses, Black Eyebrows, Right Raised Eyebrow, Smirk Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  3626cpb1821Yellow Minifigure, Head Red Thick Eyebrows and Braided Moustache, Angry Expression Pattern - Hollow Stud
Yes 1  973pb2701c01 (Inv)Yellow Torso Bare Chest with Dragon Tattoo and Boar Head Belt Pattern / Yellow Arms with Pearl Dark Gray Cuffs and Dragon on Right Arm Pattern / Yellow Hands
Yes 1  973pb2700c01 (Inv)Yellow Torso Bare Chest with Muscles and Shoulder Belt Pattern / Yellow Arms with Cuffs, Lion on Pearl Gold Right Short Sleeve Pattern / Reddish Brown Hands
Yes 1  973pb2707c01 (Inv)Yellow Torso Bright Light Orange Shirt with One Strap and Leopard Spots and Reddish Brown Belt Pattern / Yellow Arms / Yellow Hands


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Regular Items:
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Hygrotus (830) inventoried this Set on Apr 4, 2019.

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