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Locomotive Wheels

Set No: 10  Name: Locomotive Wheels

This Set Consists of the following Items:

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 Image   Qty   Item No  Description   MID 
Regular Items:
Yes 4  trainrimBlack Train Rim for 4.5V & 12V Locomotive Wheels
Yes 4  wheel2aRed Train Wheel Spoked for Motor
Yes 4  wheel2ac01 (Inv)Red Train Wheel Spoked for Motor with Black Train Rim for 4.5V & 12V Locomotive Wheels (wheel2a / trainrim)


 Type  Unique Lots  Total Qty 
Regular Items:
 Parts  2  8 
 Parts  1  4 

Set Box/Picture

Admin inventoried this Set on Jun 1, 2007, inventory last updated on Dec 23, 2008.

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