Catalog: Parts: Minifigure, Body Part: 971: Known Colors: Pearl Dark Gray Color
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Pearl Dark Gray Leg, Right

Part No: 971  Name: Leg, Right

This Part appears in at least the following items:

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 Item No  Description   Year 
Appears As Regular:
  Pearl Dark Gray:
 1 in 76103-1 (Inv)Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack
391 Parts, 5 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsSuper HeroesAvengers Infinity War
2018Set No: 76103  Name: Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack
 1 in 75972-1 (Inv)Dorado Showdown
405 Parts, 3 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsOverwatch
2019Set No: 75972  Name: Dorado Showdown
 1 in 10759-1 (Inv)Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit
87 Parts, 2 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsJuniorsIncredibles 2
2018Set No: 10759  Name: Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit
 1 in 75201-1 (Inv)First Order AT-ST
355 Parts, 4 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsStar WarsStar Wars Episode 8
2018Set No: 75201  Name: First Order AT-ST
 1 in 75190-1 (Inv)First Order Star Destroyer
1384 Parts, 7 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsStar WarsStar Wars Episode 8
2017Set No: 75190  Name: First Order Star Destroyer
 1 in 76118-1 (Inv)Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle
185 Parts, 3 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsSuper HeroesBatman II
2019Set No: 76118  Name: Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle
 1 in BL19003-1 (Inv)Skyline Express
1366 Parts
Catalog: SetsAFOL Designer Program
2019Set No: BL19003  Name: Skyline Express
 1 in sh511 (Inv)Corvus Glaive
Catalog: MinifigsSuper HeroesAvengers Infinity War
2018Minifig No: sh511  Name: Corvus Glaive
 1 in sw0900 (Inv)Finn - First Order Officer Disguise
Catalog: MinifigsStar WarsStar Wars Episode 8
2018Minifig No: sw0900  Name: Finn - First Order Officer Disguise
 1 in sw0870 (Inv)First Order Officer (Lieutenant / Captain)
Catalog: MinifigsStar WarsStar Wars Episode 8
2017Minifig No: sw0870  Name: First Order Officer (Lieutenant / Captain)
 1 in sh587 (Inv)Mr. Freeze, Pearl Dark Gray
Catalog: MinifigsSuper HeroesBatman II
2019Minifig No: sh587  Name: Mr. Freeze, Pearl Dark Gray
 1 in incr007 (Inv)Screenslaver
Catalog: MinifigsJuniorsIncredibles 2
2018Minifig No: incr007  Name: Screenslaver
 1 in ow006 (Inv)Soldier: 76
Catalog: MinifigsOverwatch
2019Minifig No: ow006  Name: Soldier: 76


 Color  In   Total Qty 
Appears As Regular:
 Pearl Dark Gray 13  13 

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