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Technic, Axle 3

Part No: 4519  Name: Technic, Axle 3

This Part appears in at least the following Gear:

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 Item No  Description 
Appears As Regular:
  Light Bluish Gray:
 1 in 5001370 (Inv)Clock Set, Time-Teacher Minifigure Watch and Clock, Boy
Catalog: GearClock
Gear No: 5001370  Name: Clock Set, Time-Teacher Minifigure Watch and Clock, Boy
 1 in 852231 (Inv)Coin Bank, Castle with Drawbridge
Catalog: GearMoney and Coin BankCastleFantasy Era
Gear No: 852231  Name: Coin Bank, Castle with Drawbridge
 3 in 853175 (Inv)Coin Bank, Pharaoh's Quest
Catalog: GearMoney and Coin BankPharaoh's Quest
Gear No: 853175  Name: Coin Bank, Pharaoh's Quest
 1 in 852748 (Inv)Coin Bank, Pirate Ship
Catalog: GearMoney and Coin BankPiratesPirates II
Gear No: 852748  Name: Coin Bank, Pirate Ship
 2 in 3850 (Inv)Meteor Strike
Catalog: GearGameSpace
Gear No: 3850  Name: Meteor Strike
 2 in G3856 (Inv)Ninjago
Catalog: GearGameNinjagoThe Golden Weapons
Gear No: G3856  Name: Ninjago
  Light Gray:
 1 in 5927 (Inv)Photo Frame Legoland Racers
Catalog: GearPhoto Frame & HolderLegoland ParksRacers
Gear No: 5927  Name: Photo Frame Legoland Racers
 1 in 4193353 (Inv)Clock Set, Bionicle Tahu Nuva
Catalog: GearClockBionicle
Gear No: 4193353  Name: Clock Set, Bionicle Tahu Nuva

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