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Light Flesh Minifigure, Head Male Black Thick Eyebrows, Large Eyes, Cheek Lines Pattern (SW Clone Wars Trooper) - Blocked Open Stud

Part No: 3626bpb0314  Name: Minifigure, Head Male Black Thick Eyebrows, Large Eyes, Cheek Lines Pattern (SW Clone Wars Trooper) - Blocked Open Stud

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 Item No  Description   Year 
Appears As Regular:
  Light Flesh:
 1 in 8018-1 (Inv)Armored Assault Tank (AAT)2009Yes
 1 in 7675-1 (Inv)AT-TE Walker2008Yes
 2 in 8128-1 (Inv)Cad Bane's Speeder2010Yes
 4 in 7913-1 (Inv)Clone Trooper Battle Pack2011Yes
 2 in 8098-1 (Inv)Clone Turbo Tank2010Yes
 1 in 30006-1 (Inv)Clone Walker - Mini polybag2009Yes
 4 in 8014-1 (Inv)Clone Walker Battle Pack2009Yes
 4 in comcon001-1 (Inv)Clone Wars Pack - San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Exclusive2008Yes
 1 in comcon004-1 (Inv)Collectible Display Set 1 - San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive2009Yes
 1 in comcon009-1 (Inv)Collectible Display Set 6 - San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive2009Yes
 2 in 7748-1 (Inv)Corporate Alliance Tank Droid2009Yes
 1 in 9488-1 (Inv)Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack2012Yes
 1 in 9491-1 (Inv)Geonosian Cannon2012Yes
 1 in 7959-1 (Inv)Geonosian Starfighter2011Yes
 1 in 11905-1 (Inv)Parts for Brickmaster Star Wars (included in Book 5004103)2013Yes
 2 in 7676-1 (Inv)Republic Attack Gunship2008Yes
 2 in 8019-1 (Inv)Republic Attack Shuttle2009Yes
 8 in 10195-1 (Inv)Republic Dropship with AT-OT2009Yes
 2 in 7679-1 (Inv)Republic Fighter Tank2008Yes
 1 in 7964-1 (Inv)Republic Frigate2011Yes
 2 in 7681-1 (Inv)Separatist Spider Droid2008Yes
 1 in 2856197-1 (Inv)Shadow ARF Trooper polybag2011Yes
 1 in 7674-1 (Inv)V-19 Torrent2008Yes
 4 in 8039-1 (Inv)Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser2009Yes
 1 in sw0618 (Inv)Anakin Skywalker (Clone Trooper Head)2011Yes
 1 in sw0297 (Inv)ARF Trooper2011Yes
 1 in sw0378 (Inv)ARF Trooper - Elite Clone Trooper2012Yes
 1 in sw0299 (Inv)Bomb Squad Trooper2011Yes
 1 in sw0286 (Inv)Clone Commander2010Yes
 1 in sw0223 (Inv)Clone Commander (Black Kama)2009Yes
 1 in sw0380 (Inv)Clone Commander Gree2012Yes
 1 in sw0221 (Inv)Clone Gunner2009Yes
 1 in sw0233 (Inv)Clone Jet Trooper (Clone Wars)2009Yes
 1 in sw0191 (Inv)Clone Pilot (Clone Wars)2008Yes
 1 in sw0201 (Inv)Clone Trooper Clone Wars2008Yes
 1 in sw0203 (Inv)Clone Trooper Clone Wars with Armor2008Yes
 1 in sw0200a (Inv)Clone Trooper Clone Wars with Black Helmet Antenna2010Yes
 1 in sw0200 (Inv)Clone Trooper Clone Wars with Dark Bluish Gray Helmet Antenna2008Yes
 1 in sw0298 (Inv)Clone Trooper Clone Wars with Sand Green Markings2011Yes
 1 in sw0341 (Inv)Commander Cody2011Yes
 1 in sw0196 (Inv)Commander Cody with Pauldron and Kama2008Yes
 1 in sw0202 (Inv)Commander Fox2008Yes
 1 in sw0244 (Inv)Senate Commando2009Yes
 1 in sw0288 (Inv)Senate Commando Captain2010Yes
 1 in sw0315 (Inv)Shadow ARF Trooper2011Yes
 1 in sw0331 (Inv)Wolfpack Clone Trooper (Sand Blue Arms)2011Yes
 1 in DKStarwarsNL (Inv)Bouwmeester (Brickmaster) Star Wars (Hardcover) - Dutch Edition2011Yes
 1 in 9780756663117 (Inv)Brickmaster Star Wars (Hardcover)2010Yes
 1 in 5004103 (Inv)Brickmaster Star Wars (Hardcover) - Battle for the Stolen Crystals2013Yes
 1 in DKStarWars02PL (Inv)Brickmaster Star Wars (Hardcover) - Bitwa o skradzione kryształy - Polish Edition2014Yes
 1 in DKStarWarsFR (Inv)Brickmaster Star Wars (Hardcover) - French Edition2010Yes
 1 in DKstarwars02FR (Inv)Brickmaster Star Wars (Hardcover) - La bataille pour les cristaux volés - French Edition2014Yes
 1 in DKStarWarsPL (Inv)Brickmaster Star Wars (Hardcover) - Polish Edition2012Yes
 1 in DKStarWarsES (Inv)Brickmaster Star Wars (Hardcover) - Spanish Edition2012Yes
 1 in 9783831016938 (Inv)Buch und Steine Set Star Wars (Hardcover) - German Edition2010Yes
 1 in DScaseSW2 (Inv)Armor Case Kit for Nintendo DSi, Star Wars III, Clone Wars2011Yes
 1 in 880032 (Inv)Play and Build Kit for Nintendo DS - Star Wars (Anakin Skywalker)2011Yes


 Color  In   Total Qty 
Appears As Regular:
 Light Flesh 57  83 

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