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My connection with Lego

I have been playing with Lego as long as I can remember, and as a child I dreamed of becoming a “Lego engineer”. I also spent many long hours looking through Lego catalogs and I still enjoy them immensely.

My favorite time period for Lego ranges from the Plan Packs of the mid 1960’s through the Town sets of the mid 1980’s. I still buy new sets occasionally, but most of the time I find myself playing with the old Lego, especially from the 1970’s.

Parts I am looking for

I buy mostly used parts but will also buy brand new parts in cases where there have been no major mold variations. One newer variation I have not been able to get used to are the hollow pins found underneath 1-wide bricks, and unfortunately some other parts too:

Other parts with hollow pins

I am always looking for stores that make a distinction in their listings. Since there are a variety of terms used for the “pin” (peg, tube, post, bar, rod, support, inner stud), I search sellers’ comments for the single keyword “solid”. I also use Goatleg.com to conduct more specific solid-pin searches.

My preferences as a buyer

If you don’t have an item on hand, or if you discover you have incorrectly listed an item, please file an item removal request. This is the proper way to handle the situation and I will always approve these requests quickly.

Also, please set the Order Status to “Shipped” when you have sent the order. This way, I can “Complete” the order and file it once it has arrived.

My activity as a seller

I have only sold a few things on BL and don’t plan on ever ramping up to a large-scale operation. I may put some extra things up for sale from time to time, but that’s about it.
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