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A product of the 1980s Lego was inevitably going to be part of my childhood, and classic 1980s sets from Town, Castle, Train, Technic, Space and Pirates were my favourites. Unfortunately I had to make room for other things so we were parted. That is until the last 12 months. I bought some lego bricks to build a mould for a plaster casting and found myself being more interested in the lego than the mould. A few sets later and some bulk buys from other sites and charity shops/car boot sales (thrisk stores and flea markets to my American friends) and my step sons bought me a Force Awakens Millenium Falcon for Father's Day resulted in a firm resurgence of my interest. I'm working on making a small harbour and castle display with hopefully MOCS of some English style buildings. Who knows what other projects may crop up in the future.
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