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I am a 48 year old "Kid". I am married and have two sons. One is 14 and the other one is 8 years old. That will be the last of the kids for us and I will have a nice spread between the two so that when one goes into his dark ages(teens) I'll have the other to replace him. My Lego had sat in storage bins for many years until the Spring of 2005 when I was cleaning and thought about how much fun it would be to share this great product with my sons when they get a bit older. In doing so I realized I had missed out on many great sets since the Town sets I collected were from 1978-1983. Thus the great Flea-Bay quest to obtain some of those great sets and of course the "greatest thing since the internet" Brick Link for all those darn missing pieces. I have since gotten a few and built a few but still have about 25 more that I would like, OK Love, to have. Meanwhile my wife puts up with my Lego Dream and is just happy I finally found a "hobby". I started my store to help others who have wanted lists and hope that some day we can all find that darn missing piece. All in all though one thing is certain, Lego bricks are fun at any age and I don't know why I ever stopped collecting. I am glad I have a son who is as "crazy" as I am and loves toys and who, if it were not for him, I may never have rediscovered this great toy. Also I would like to thank my mom for insisting that I never "throw out" my Lego sets and for letting a kid be a kid.
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