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My name is Aaron, I am an early 40ish toy collector,(Married 25 years) I have collected toys for years and bought and sold. I am a Scooby Doo addict and have a huge (yes HUGE) collection of Scooby Doo collectibles, from vintage to new. I started collecting Lego items at an early age then sold off a Boxes of Lego’s some years back. I got into buying and selling other toys and so just recently got back into Lego collecting. I am now addicted again and I even got into working on MOC’s. My first love will always be Scooby Doo but Lego’s come a close second. I work for a company called Skyfold and I am there Regional Sales Manager for 11 states, so I am on the road a lot! I like to make time for my Lego collection as it is a big stress release! I collect mainly Super Hero Lego items! I have quite a few Star Wars Lego items and ships but would always consider trading! Joined Bricklink and love it! The buyers and sellers are great (I could not ask for a better group to deal with). I have gotten a lot of information from the members and appreciate each and everyone!
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