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as a kid, I fell in love with legos starting with classic space. my brother and I would spend hours on all kinds of different missions from the worlds we created. when futuron rolled around I was in heaven followed by the original blacktron and space police, which is where I stopped (growing up has a way of doing that). then, over 30 years passed where my collection collected dust in my old bedroom closet. I did the usual, got married, started a family, and bought a home of my own. that's when my parents suggested that I start moving over my old things, and that's when I rediscovered my lego collection. it had been periodically plundered by my nephew and some of the neighborhood kids, but it was mostly intact. I carefully collected every precious piece I could find and moved everything over to my basement. the futuron star defender had always been my favorite, so I thought I'd see what I could do about fixing it up and restoring it back to its former glory. that's when I discovered bricklink, brick owl, brickset, and let's build it again. from there I was able rebuild and restore a very happy piece of my childhood with plenty of new additions and creations. now I'm able to share the magic with my kids, and we'll just sit down on the basement carpet and build and play for hours.
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