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SoCal Brickworks

Hello and thank you for your interest in SoCal Brickworks. We are a family of 5 Lego enthusiasts from Southern California who have been part of the Bricklink community since 2013 and since that time we have enjoyed meeting and working with the wonderful people of this great hobby. Initially, we began selling as a way to thin out our own personal Lego collection and help supplement our favorite pastime. In order to offer our customers with a wide range of parts, sets and minifigures, both new and used, we plan to grow our store without limitations. Be sure to check in often as we add to our expanding inventory on almost a daily basis.

At SoCal Brickworks, we strive to make each and every order an excellent buying experience for our customers. Because as buyers ourselves, we expect nothing less. We appreciate our customers for their support and we make sure to put in the effort to provide them with the services they deserve. From sorting and cleaning to packing and shipping, we ensure that everything is done in a professional and exceptional way.

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