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Hi, I'm just somebody that never grew out of this fascination with a fantastic, versatile building brick. From the 60's till now the interest and irresistible urge to put a kit together still prevails. And with the addition of the new type minifigs in the '80's that interest has just gone on in leaps and bounds, that's why my store has as many types on offer as I can piece together, and as many spare bits for them as possible in case someone else wants to. I am a firm believer in lego as a hobby, and will always put myself out to aid others that just need that last brick or two to complete something. I prefer to put broken up kits back together when I can get hold of them, just because I know the enjoyment that kit will give someone else when they first get hold of it, after all..I just had to check it went together ok... didn't I?
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