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We are Lego fans for years !
We are not focusing on a single theme, we are interested in many things and want to have fun.

Here are some pics of our ideas / creations :

Even a Minion can meet a "fiancée" ;-)

Fiancee_1 Fiancee_2

Minions mining Fett's head (I know, it's crazy...):

Minions Fett

"A Sith I am" (Darth Yoda) :

Darth Yoda Darth Yoda Head Dino and Porg

Heard anything about food chain ? Porg eats fish and Dino eats Porg ... This is nature and it's cruel BUT...

...life has sometimes strange paths and things are not what they look like ;-)

Dino and Porg

Our Ninjago's actual display. Thanks to François for the pics !

Ninjago's display Ninjago's display Ninjago's display Ninjago's display

Nancy's Naboo Palace :

Nancy's Palace of Naboo Nancy's Palace of Naboo

Olympic Rings :

My Statue of Liberty in Tan with a tribute to Walking Dead :

Ninjas vs Dragon :

Ewoks Planet :

Day care :

Let there be rock! :

Flight of Icarus :

Luke... :

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