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I was born in June 1941. I have always enjoyed working with legos. My youngest daughter (she is now 51) collected them up until the late 1990s and that was how I got started in selling legos. She no longer had the room to store them and had other interests. I enjoy dealing with legos and try to keep my cost down. Which brings up a point about by neutral and complaints. They are mostly from my leaving out parts, and I am trying to correct that as best as I can. I will always stand behind my mistakes and make them right. The other complaints are the packaging. I try to do this as cheap as possible. That way it helps me keep the prices down. I try to fill the orders as quick as possible and this sometimes results in my over looking an item or two. So bare with me I am working to over come this. As you can see from my birthdate, I am in my 70s and the eyesight is not as good as it use to be. I will always answer your emails and if I do not answer within one day contact me again as there have been times when some emails get lost. Thanks Wayne
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