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My name is Mike and I live in Texas. My story is a common one. As a boy I loved to play with LEGO bricks. However, I never seemed to have enough bricks to complete my projects. I remember one house I was building that had multiple rooms, but I did not have enough red sloping bricks to finish the roof – what a disappointment (okay, go ahead and wipe the tear from your eye).

When puberty set in, my interests turned to other things and my inadequate supply of bricks were put away on a shelf, only later to be sold by my mother in a garage sale (okay, wipe that other tear).

Years passed, then one day, as I was doing some Christmas shopping I noticed a small LEGO set of a lunar rover. I bought it, telling myself that it might be a nice stocking stuffer for a nephew. However, once I got home, I could not resist opening, building and finally playing with the set.

I didn’t think too much about it, until a few weeks later, when I was checking out After-Christmas sales. I noticed that Target had many of their LEGO sets on clearance. I bought a few sets, went home and built them. The next day, I was back at Target buying more. Over the next few weeks, I had visited all the Target stores in the area and had amassed quite a nice collection of LEGO sets.

Well the obsession was not satisfied. I continued visiting toy stores throughout the year. I signed up to get the LEGO catalog. I searched out LEGO websites on the fledgling Internet. I even started my own LEGO website. Then, one day it happened. I discovered that I could buy red sloping LEGO bricks by the box full. I snapped up 3 boxes and never looked back…
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