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I've been a fan of Lego almost as long as I can remember. A friend across the street had a huge vintage bucket of bricks to play with. Like many I didn't own any Lego until later as an adult, really getting into Technic, Castle and Star Wars and haven't stopped. Most recently I fell in love with the Creator Modular Building theme and make many MOCs in that style. Why am I selling here on Bricklink? In my goal of having enough bricks on hand for any idea, and the last 18 years of collecting, I have amassed a large collection of Sets, bricks and figures. I still buy new sets, sometimes for just the figures, and I also buy clean and restore used sets/collections of bricks I source locally here in SoCal. The extra figures, parts and sets I don't keep in my collection wind up here in my Bricklink Store or on Ebay (store name = teebsbricks). Thanks for visiting :)
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