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About Me
- A little bit about me
Hello fellow BrickLink members! I sell LEGO and am also a collector of LEGO. When my kids were young, we would build together. Some sets would be displayed, and others would be taken apart and re-built again and again. My main collections are Hero Factory, and Bionicle. I have had another online business for many years --- and really enjoy selling LEGO here on BrickLink. I have found that LEGO people are friendly people! Between my two online businesses, I am very busy, but I love the freedom of working my own hours and meeting new friends through BrickLink. I look forward to working with new members every day. A big thank you to all my fellow BrickLink members who order from me on a regular basis. Your repeat business is very much appreciated! Happy collecting and building! Cindy (Piece of the Pie)
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