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Hello, my name is Mike, and I'm an A.F.O.L. I have been addicted to LEGOs for over 25 years now. It all started around the mid 80s when my mom bought me my first LEGO set, it may have been 6634:Stock Car. Early sets I got were a little random, I had some Space sets like 6894:Blacktron Invader & Town sets.

I began building a LEGO city around 1989 when I bought the set 6395:Victory Lap Raceway, along with some additional road plates. From there my city grew as I got money & started to takeover the basement. It wasn't until about 1996 when I discovered LEGO Trains. My first train was 4559:Cargo Railway. From then on trains dominated my LEGO passion. The buildings, cars, and street layouts I created all came second to the train system.

Over the years as I have moved several times my city has taken on many forms. Now that I own my own home I am embarking on my grandest city yet. It has grown so big that I have had to start a second city upstairs in one of the bedrooms!

I love LEGOs because the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and mine is pretty vivid, lol. Seeing something that was just a crazy thought in my head come to life is exciting to me. I spend thousands of dollars a year feeding this addiction. My only regret is I dont have enough time or space to really get it all done, but it sure is fun trying!! :)

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