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Hello and welcome to my page;

Legos have always been big part of my life and other things would take precedence, but the love never left. Then when I was about 22 my mom got me a Lego set for Christmas. And the love for the toy started all over again. With the help of E-bay and Bricklink my collection has grown ten fold and it still grows.

I hope to pass my collection to my son(and he keeps threatening me to take everything I have built over the past 26 years all apart). He's only 7 now but he loves to build them with me. Every night is lego building night for me and him. My daughter is 5 and she likes to come in my lego playroom and get a guy and a horse and play with my buildings around the room on the shelves. Sometimes she gets creative and builds something for me that I find later(like additional detail on a building). I had a town that filled a 12 x 12 room and with our house up for sale, I took it down for selling purposes. After Tristan got interested in trains I started to amass lego trains and incorporate them in the town. I am an electrician by day and hope to someday somewhat automate my town with lights and the controlling of the trains.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. If you would like I have a small store and would like to visit the link is:
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