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As active members of the LEGO trading community for nearly a decade, and builders for much, much longer, we operate this store with the purpose of aiding collectors and enthusiasts in the quest for the rare elements, the ones you're always running out of, and the ones you can't seem to get enough of!

Primarily, there are three people who manage TBL:

Samson (Dude, Me): I oversee the rise and development of my vision from a great and greater distance as it truly begins to take form. I also take care of customer relations whenever possible. I am friendly, so if you ever get a response that rubs you the wrong way, re-read it in Morgan Freeman's voice. I'm already dreaming up things you could never conceive of, so just you wait and see what's in store, in-store, next week...

The BIG Lebrickski (Mark): Resident LEGO brain. I "manage" the inventory, a bit like giving it a haircut every few days, move items from backstock to the shop, re-organize, inventory, and part out sets, and build modular building MOC's when I finish early!

Little Lebrickski (Allison): I pull orders, package them, and ensure that they are shipped right away! I don't know LEGO too well, but I am learning fast and all of my orders are double checked because Samson says I'm partly colorblind (even tho no one else does) and that I don't understand the "subtleties and nuances of part variations". Whatevs. Oh and there are a lot more parts than just what anyone thinks, like way more.

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