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I was born in a log cabin that I helped my father build. I am an avid reader, you should see my comic book collection. I love to swim at White Sands, have not found the lake yet, but what a wonderful beach. I have a pet buffalo, but I think I will exchange it for a bison. I graduated with a Masters Degree from El Paso Community College. I am also a computer geek. I have just updated to Windows 3.1, it is really something. If you are working on an older version of Windows try 3.1, you will never go back. I also collect naked Barbies, and 'Take-A-Number.' I have one that has 20,105 on it. It comes from Russia - they must have long lines there. I live in a huge house, IKIA. There are lots of rooms and I have my own cleaning staff that works at night because I have so many visitors during the day. My car is a foreign sports car called a Yugo. There are not many of these around. I used to be an avid photographer, but my neighbor started closing her blinds. Also I just love watching people dance so I had a pole installed in my living room. I now work in advertising. I stand on the corner with a sign that says Pay Day loans and wave it at passing cars. What was my collection is still listed on Lugnet: member 956 - http://www.lugnet.com/people/members/?m=956 and pictures at http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=332688
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