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Expat American living in the Philippines for over 10 years & recently started buying LEGO again (2018) for myself & my family (2 children plus my wife).

There are some DUPLO items that I may sell later on including a couple of "rare" pieces:

:both are "purple" & make note that those images are the actual items I have. The images were submitted to Bricklink for reference (you can check under each item to verify).

Many of my orders are from overseas (due to the lower cost of items plus sometimes cheaper shipping) & unfortunately the shipping to the Philippines is really slow for postal delivery (an average of 4-5 weeks) but I've learned to accept it. If items are shipped through other services (DHL International, etc.), I can usually get packages within 4 business days. Locally, shipping from Manila to Cebu takes around 2-5 days.

UPDATE 07-2019: So after a visit to the locally post office to see if any of my recent orders arrived, I was informed that Manila is now shipping all mail to Cebu by boat! Yes, instead of moving forward - the postal service has decided that boats are better instead of planes for getting mail to other parts of the country. My contact even said that sometimes they don't get mail some weeks & that means instead of the regular 4-5 weeks delivery time I can now expect an additional 1-4 weeks before receiving my orders :(

UPDATE 09-2019: Delivery times are now going over 47 days due to stormy weather.

Here are the current shipping times to the Philippines (based on orders I have placed)

If you plan to visit the Philippines & in specific, Cebu, then you're welcome to get in touch in advance!

Thank you!

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