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Hi folks! I'm a long term AFOL, having been buying and reselling Lego since the mid-90s. I grew up playing with Lego and shared the love with my children as they grew up. Now I've reached the point where my own collection is mostly complete except for a new release here and there but I still enjoy collecting sets and passing them on to loving homes. In my local town I work with charitable organizations to distribute extra Lego to children who may not have the opportunity to enjoy it otherwise. I started as an Adult in Lego when LUGs were just being formed and Bricklink wasn't even around. Over the years, watching the community grow has been a wonderful journey for me and I run several local Lego chat groups with like-minded AFOLs (so if you're in eastern PA and want to connect with some Lego friends, feel free to drop me a message!). I think like most AFOLs, I wish I had more space I could devote to the hobby, but what I do have are a lifetime of memories with friends and family shared around the love of the brick. I'm always happy to make more friends so feel free to drop a note and say hello anytime! ~ Joe
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