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It was the late 1960s when I First enjoyed Legos, many of my friends had them, but for the life of me I couldn't get my parents to buy me any - the main reason they gave was that they were too expensive for what they were, so I visited friends that had them as often as possible :-) Fast forward to the late '70s & early '80s when i was working, and could afford them myself THATS when it started happening - i watched (and bought) as the basic legos i had played with as a young boy started changing! The basic sets were becoming Legoland, town, city, space and more! I witnessed the birth of "expert builder" sets & watchex them become "Technic" and on & on . . . Havent looked back since, we are a "Lego family" & do a lot of collecting. We LOVE our minifigs! Not so much into bionicle, but pretty much anything else works for us (it isnt so much of a "theme" thing with us, its a set by set situation) . . . Love being part of the Lego community! Long live the best bricks available - Bring on the LEGOS! :-)
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