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My name is Jason/Jaseman. My website is jaseman.com. I was a member of the Brickish Association. I am building classic/neo classic space - Inspired by Peter Reid (Legoloverman). I only use old light and dark grey - never bluish grey and other colours associated with classic space theme - Trans-yellow windows, bumblebee stripes and blue. The availability of those grey colours are getting low now, but I like that - it will make my collection more valuable later. Without Bricklink I would not be able to collect my chosen theme so thank you Bricklink! I'm currently not selling anything however that may change in future. I do have a lot of elements that I do not need and will never use (Inside and outside the space theme). It would be nice to turn those elements into cash that I can put back into the elements that I do actually want - It's just a lot of effort to catalogue and deal with postage and admin. I'm an active buyer, and I always pay immediately after receiving invoices (My feedback reflects this). I don't appreciate sellers that take your money and can't be bothered to ship you your items for weeks or months and ignore any requests for updates on orders - They should at least warn you at invoice time if they cannot ship within reasonable timeframes (In the next week to two weeks I consider ample time). Of course sometimes people are going on holiday or are sick/can't get to the post office or something, but they can at least let you know and not just take the money and not deliver. Gladly most experiences are not like that, but there are some bad sellers out there missing Christmas deadlines for children's presents, etc - shame on you if you are one of these people! Also I dislike people that buy up batch loads of newspapers when they have Lego promotional offers, and put the Lego straight on E-bay to make a quick buck, whilst people that genuinely want the Lego can't get it without being fleeced - again it's unethical behaviour - let's stamp this out by refusing to buy from them. Fair is fair.
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