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Hello sellers, I am a Belgian expat living in United Arab Emirates where I work as a pilot. With this fact in mind, I change my address regularly between my hotels in USA, my parents address in Belgium and my PO BOX here in United Arab Emirates where there is no other postal delivery method system except via DHL (which is way too expensive). Depending on where you ship from or how badly I need a part, I try to put the address with the lowest shipping cost for me. I am sure you all understand that I prefer to buy Lego rather than spending money on postal costs. If you invoice me quickly (within 24 hours of my order), I usually pay within a few hours, sometimes within minutes. I expect the same in return : that is a fast shipping especially if the delivery address is my one of my hotels in USA where I am only there for 24 hours once every few month. I will also give the date by which the package must arrive to the hotel to ensure that I am able to retrieve it. Thank you for reading this.
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