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Born in 1999 and in bricks since 2002! I'm Evans and I never stopped collecting since this time.
I'm a French AFOL living near Paris. I always need 70's or 80's parts in order to achieve my projects. I build Classic Town and 12V trains layouts in order to show old sets in an era-accurate way. I'm collecting sets, along with building my own MOCs to extend the original Town line.

I also began collecting unreleased parts in 2017, in order to build with these nice little gems which adds something to my creations. Moreover, I collect everything that is old and that have a Lego marking on it, and I really appreciate Lego company's history
My collection is composed of over 1000 sets, from 1958 to today, but with an emphasis on 70's to 90's period. It can be viewed on Brickset here.

I also have a Bricksafe gallery in which I upload my pictures here.

Since March 2020, I also opened my Bricklink shop, after 8 years of buying. You will be able to find mostly modern parts and modern colored parts, which are leftovers from many bulks I've bought for their old parts.

Last updated: 13.3.2020

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