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Welcome fellow LEGOheads.

I blame my son entirely for me getting back into LEGO and spending large amounts of money having fun covering our library floor with bricks and models.

I can now happily add that I successfully added a motor to my first technic model AND made it trundle across the floor.

I think I will stick with building buildings, castles, spaceships and the like.

At the moment, I'm trying to complete some Harry Potter sets and older Star Wars sets (I reckon they're better than the more recent ones that have too many pre-modelled pieces). I'm also collecting weirder coloured pieces to build a psychedelic 1970's house :-)

I've just re-read this and it's about 15 years old! To bring this profile into 2020, continue reading. . .

Harry Potter is still AWESOME and I've been able to collect the older sets, I've also just collected the entire set of CMF HP2. Spaceships has been narrowed down to Classic Space and the entire fleets from Kuat Drive yards and Seinar Fleet systems, both Lego released and MOC.

I am focusing on building in the theme of "History in Lego" and have completed a number of displays focusing on Australians in WWI and WWII as well as common and more obscure events.

My store is called Plastic Bricks 2XS. Please come and have a look.

Have a look at this for the start of my collection of MOCs.

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