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Hello from Michigan!

I opened my BL Store in June 09 and then after a year decided not to sell any more of my LEGO off - for now !!

My 'LEGO STUDIO' has grown in size and efficiency especially over the last 10 years; it houses 4000+ sets, 10000 mini-figs, and 1.25 million elements. And, since organizing is as fun for me as building, I can easily locate any piece!

Here in Michigan we have several VERY active LUG Groups of which one is mine, GarageLUG (http://www.garagelug.org/). We have also been blessed (FINALLY) in Michigan with an official LEGO store and unfortunately it is only 4 miles away -- DEADLY!!

I have been collecting LEGO sets for over 38 years, but the first 25 years was spent either disassembling or organizing my sons' projects! In the last 10 years I have begun on my own quest to determining what I like building - most architecture - not the Official LEGO sets (too small) but my own MOC's. See Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/59068359@N04/sets/72157640532117725.

My Babies - two cats and a dog all rescues off the streets.

Favorite thing (after LEGO) - Sailing (my own boat so I can be Captain).

Favorite Sport - HOCKEY - DUH! - This is Hockey Town - Go WINGS!

Music to Create By --- Jazz and Blues!

Life Style - Single and Loving it ---- how do you explain 3/4 of your house dedicated to LEGO!


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