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I am a LEGO® fanatic, having enjoyed the brick since I was a little kid; my fondest memories are of building many Classic Castle and Classic Space sets on birthdays and Christmas morning (then taking them apart & building massive castles or spaceships to let my imagination run wild). I enjoy being part of a community that supports one another in collecting and building with the toy that we all continue to enjoy.

I am also an avid photographer, whose work can be found here. I have been quite blessed to be able to maintain my ongoing hobbies whilst continuing to work full-time as well.

I have a store on Bricklink for a variety of reasons… I enjoy buying newer sets, and selling parts here allows me the ability to pay for them. I also enjoy supplying quality parts to individuals like myself to complete a specific set, to add to a grand creation, and so forth (I really enjoy knowing that some of the parts I have sold end up in such grand creations that I do not have the patience or creativity to build myself).

Life is Good.

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