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Well I am a 35 year old father of three from Australia. My oldest (boy) will turn 4 in December. A week ago (25th September 2008) I bought the boy 2 lego castle sets: "5615 The Knight" & "7040 Dwarves' Mine Defender". When we got home and I started to put them together for him, my long forgotten love of lego from 20-25 years ago came flooding back. As a kid I was lucky to have received a few space sets, and then the yellow castle. A couple of years after that I got my last set which was "6021 Jousting Knights". All those lego sets were passed onto to cousins etc. How I wish I still had them now. Anyway after I had the minifigs and the Dwarf mine defender ready to play with, I looked down at the little knight in my hand and thought "They look so much smaller now." A week later and I have had just as much fun playing with the lego as my little boys. What a timeless toy! What high quality and unlimited fun!
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