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My LEGO® Interests

I am mostly interested in Technic from the 1980's to the mid 90's. Naturally I also have an interest in Power Functions and Mindstorms. I tend to swing back and forth between justifying buying more LEGO to feeling like I should just sell my whole collection which is starting to get rather large.

Other than that I wish I was a multi-billionaire! I would set up a manufacturing plant and build new part designs that complimented LEGO (not competed with it). Or perhaps I would hire a group of avid LEGO Fans and see if I couldn't package edition limited sets. Anyways, I can dream can't I? :)

Items that I may be selling

I have several town/train sets from the early 1980's. Up until now it would have seemed unquestionable for me to sell these sets, however recently I am thinking that I really do not want them. If there is something that you want in this era feel free to contact me. Chances are I will sell them to you.

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