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I've been a Lego fan since I can remember. I won a Lego contest when I was 5 by building a boat, and have been growing my Lego collection since. I am now the proud Dad of 5 Legomaniacs, too. I am mainly interested in Technics these days, and had been lusting after an 8880 Super Car since they came out. I am now the proud owner of one, through this wonderful site! I have finally finished building it, and it drives amazingly smoothly. My next project is to build a replica of my Ford Maverick (aka Nissan Patrol). I have ordered an 8466 4x4 to get the wheels and 4WD components. My first Technic set was an 854 Go-kart. I still have it, in the original box, but its been played with fairly hard. We had all sorts of contests as kids with these, ranging from precision driving through a course of scattered bricks (+5 secs for hitting a brick :-) to demolition derbies! The universal joint doesn't hold up well to impacts :-( My latest fascination is Mindstorms, but it'll be a while before I can my hands on a set. For some reason, my computing-based workplace won't buy it for me.
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