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Chuparobra owner of Pink House Bricks

About 30 years ago I began my LEGO journey with Technic sets including my favorite 8855. After a few years, The Dark Ages came and lasted over a decade. Then my wife and I built 4483 AT-AT together and I haven't stopped since.

I recently opened my own BrickLink store after becoming permanently disabled because I have found the whole process to be great therapy. I became disabled after a distracted drive shoved my vehicle into the path of an oncoming semi truck. I broke my pelvis in three areas and now have a lot of metal holding me together. I also have a chronic nerve pain condition called CRPS. LEGO keeps me busy and distracted.

I'm in the process of building a LEGO world that contains trains, monorail, modular buildings and lots of landscaping. Below is an example of one of my MOCs. It's based on a Zoid from the 80s. Thanks for looking... Oh, and the store name, Pink House Bricks, is because we live in a house that has been painted pink for over half a century (UPDATE: It's now blue, but I'm not changing the store name.)

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