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Midlife-crisis is go, and loving it! Space Lego 1985-1995 has my main focus, as I fell in love with the ingenuity, creativity & box artwork of those sets. Builds in the golden age of Space Lego didn't feel like decorating or just putting poop-bricks together with flimsy instructions, as lego sets often do now. Although I do like the sight of some Ninjago & StarWars sets. Amazing stuff! For now I'm piecing things together in a fast pace, with a keen focus on getting the details right — Looking for vintage moulds, solid studs, thin vertical grips and oldskool colours. Love to collect and one day maybe sell my high quality spare sets and parts: I detest the overkill of playwear on parts some people dare to sell (like to keep things high-end), but definitely love the community feel over here. In the meantime check instagram @cosmic.brick for vintage space set builds, Back of the box builds (challenge accepted!) & other rarities. Cheers, Chris.
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