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Welcome to Waipahu Bricks!

Aloha and please bare with me as I learn how to construct a new about me page. The pictures are of the roller coaster I built in 1992. I was in high school then and had a mad love of amusement rides at the time. I always wanted to build a realistic coaster down to mini-fig scale, but in the age before internet and ability to buy whatever part I wanted online, I was pretty restricted to whatever I could scrap together at home on a near zero budget. After a good amount of work, this roller coaster was the best I could do. A motor mounted at the bottom of the track winched a 5 car train seating 10 passengers up to the top of the lift hill connected via a string and 1x2 jumper plate attached to the bottom of the first car. At the top of the hill, the jumper plate detached from the train leaving the train to coast through a u-turn, 2 dips, another u-turn and return to the station. The entire ride lasted 58 seconds, that is; 52 seconds for the under-powered motor to pull the train up the hill, and 6 seconds for the train to coast through the rest of the ride. I then had to manually unwind the string from the winch and reattach the jumper plate to the train each cycle.

In 25 years since, a few new luxuries popped up, such as the internet, and Bricklink. Lego also has many new technic elements and best of all, I actually have some kind of budget! So it's time to build the roller coaster I could only dream of in 1992. This is gonna be so much fun! Oh, if you are wondering what happened to all the 1x1x5 yellow bricks, yeah, I got them now, sorry! This is gonna be big! More to follow..

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